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All Better Now

Got our web site problem(s) ironed out. Images are back. 

Home Sweet Home

I'll spare you the technical folderal, but we had to move our web site to a new server. That is now complete, and we should be in our current home for the next few years. Please let me know if you encounter any problems with the site. (just leave a comment)

Dave Ambrose

2017 Themes

At Last -- Themes for 2017

As always, bring in any under construction or completed project even if it doesn't match the theme. Truth be told, it doesn't even need to be a car.

Jan - SDMCC vs LVMCC, the final smackdown

Feb -  For the Win - competition cars of any kind

March - Please sir can I have another?- orphan makes

April - Across the Ocean - foreign cars

May - Just keep truckin' - Trucks

A Special Contest for January, 2017

Update: Due to some technical difficulties, we've had to postpone the photo session until the February meeting. If you weren't quite done yet, please bring it in and we'll get it photographed.

We have a special theme/contest coming up in January. The Model Car Guys of Las Vegas have invited us to a mutual theme with the new Revell 1930 Model A Coupe. We'll both build our cars according to the same rules (see below), take pictures, and send them to the other club. The other club will judge the entries, and send us the results to be announced in February.

We've had a bunch of fun with these before, and this one should be a good time.

Now for the Rules:

We all are using the new Revell 30 Model A Coupe model as the basis for the build.

•The new Revell 30 Ford Model A Coupe is the basis of this photo challenge •The body and one of the chassis must be used but can be modified

•You may build in any style you wish, stock, race, rat, custom or something special

•You may build as many entries as you wish

•Models will be photographed at our January 2017 meeting (min 3 views each no photoshoping) front 3/4, side, undercarrage or special details

•We will exchange photos and each club will judge the others entries

•We will select the Top Five in no particular order (this could expand depending on number of entries and quality of builds)

•Results announced at February 2017 meeting

Prizes will be $25 gift certificates to Discount Hobbies
Please follow the above rules and have fun. If you have any questions, bring them to the meeting Tuesday, or post them in the comments, and we can discuss.


2016 Good Guys Car Show and Model Contest

This is our first year managing the model car contest at the Good Guys car show. If you like hot rods of all kinds, this is the place to be. Weather has been just perfect, so come on down. We also have a make and take for kids on both Saturday and Sunday. Revell has been kind enough to give us 100 snap kits for each day. This year, it's a new Mustang. This event has been very popular and we always run out. Sunday's make and take will be at 11:00.


Cars from the September Meeting

Cars from the September Meeting:


Newsletter Flashback

We thought it would be fun to put up one of the old newsletters. This one talks about NASCAR models, the Good Guys model show, and a few ramblings by this guy named Jesse. Leave a comment if you like this and want more.

Vintage Footage as Research and Inspiration

The internet has always been a great source for reference photos and information when it comes to building model cars. Not to be overlooked though is vintage footage. If you're like me and love to build models of early automobiles, footage like this can be sometimes be hard to find. Luckily, there has been an increased amount of footage that has been making its way to the web along with vintage newscasts and documentaries. While a photo might be more useful for side by side comparison when building your model, there's nothing better than footage for getting a real sense of the vehicle in motion.

Neat DIY Tool Organizer

I came across this nicely done tool drawer. It looks nearly perfect, save some spot to put your files. I especially like his use of foam to organize Xacto knife blades.


New Truck Model from Meng


The Ford F-350 4 x 4 Super Duty Crew Cab 1/24 by Meng Models is now available for preorder from

The Ford F-series pickups, best-sellers in the world pickup market, have also been the best selling vehicle in North America for 37 years. In 1999, Ford Motor Company released a new version, the Ford F-350 Super Duty which was powered by a diesel engine, Its size and payload were increased to meet customer needs of special multi-purpose transportation, towing and hauling and other uses. After many years of development, Ford F-350 Super Duty has become a top-ranked luxury pickup with heavy load capacity and high level configuration.

This 1/24 scale Ford F-350 Super Duty kit replicates the accurate exterior of this muscle truck. The precision and complex engine bay is fully represented. Two options of the wheel hubs and side steps are provided. A movable tailgate and a bed extender are included. Realistic metal plated parts are provided for the engine grille and wheel hubs.Metal reflective mirror film is provided for the rear view mirrors.

Length - 277 mm
Width - 112 mm

Expected arrival in April/May 2014
Price: $67.46 (10% off retail!)
Item Number: MGKCS1

Reserve yours now by placing an order online, or call Megahobby toll free at 888-642-0093 



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