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Vintage Footage as Research and Inspiration

The internet has always been a great source for reference photos and information when it comes to building model cars. Not to be overlooked though is vintage footage. If you're like me and love to build models of early automobiles, footage like this can be sometimes be hard to find. Luckily, there has been an increased amount of footage that has been making its way to the web along with vintage newscasts and documentaries. While a photo might be more useful for side by side comparison when building your model, there's nothing better than footage for getting a real sense of the vehicle in motion.

Neat DIY Tool Organizer

I came across this nicely done tool drawer. It looks nearly perfect, save some spot to put your files. I especially like his use of foam to organize Xacto knife blades.


New Truck Model from Meng


The Ford F-350 4 x 4 Super Duty Crew Cab 1/24 by Meng Models is now available for preorder from

The Ford F-series pickups, best-sellers in the world pickup market, have also been the best selling vehicle in North America for 37 years. In 1999, Ford Motor Company released a new version, the Ford F-350 Super Duty which was powered by a diesel engine, Its size and payload were increased to meet customer needs of special multi-purpose transportation, towing and hauling and other uses. After many years of development, Ford F-350 Super Duty has become a top-ranked luxury pickup with heavy load capacity and high level configuration.

This 1/24 scale Ford F-350 Super Duty kit replicates the accurate exterior of this muscle truck. The precision and complex engine bay is fully represented. Two options of the wheel hubs and side steps are provided. A movable tailgate and a bed extender are included. Realistic metal plated parts are provided for the engine grille and wheel hubs.Metal reflective mirror film is provided for the rear view mirrors.

Length - 277 mm
Width - 112 mm

Expected arrival in April/May 2014
Price: $67.46 (10% off retail!)
Item Number: MGKCS1

Reserve yours now by placing an order online, or call Megahobby toll free at 888-642-0093 


Making a difference

As some of you may know, Skip Samples was a very enthusiastic about our hobby, and in my mind, one of the best Ambassadors the hobby ever had. But, he was also a very proud American and Patriot. He served his country in the U.S. Air Force and served his hobby by participating and being active in any way he could. From making decals, mastering bodies for resin caster to just helping someone out with advice, parts or whole kits, Skip always stepped up to the challenge. 

Skip took part in supplying kits and supplies for our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. He beat the bushes and put out the call for kits, supplies and anything that would help our men and women overseas. I fondly remember spending the better part of a morning packing up some of these boxes of joy and taking them to the Post Office with him. He did this on his own time and dime. He never expected anything in return, but, he got a very nice thank you in the form of a very nice letter and the flag that flew over the base where the kits ended up. Skip was very happy and humbled by it and treasured those items dearly. 

With time some memories get pushed to the back of the brain and lay dormant, until something rouses them awake.

I posted some building tips on the Model Cars Magazine chat board area and was surprised to receive the following message:


I saw mention of Skip in a post on Milner's dragster and immediately remembered the name.  Since he was referenced in past tense, I searched the site and saw the post of his passing in 2012.  I felt I had to add that I never met Skip but am well aware of the kind of guy he was.  I was stationed in Iraq from Oct 2005-Oct 2006 and ran a combat strress clinic.  in an attempt to try to reach out to as many soldiers in as many ways possible, I started a model club on the base and solicited donations through a couple of modeling magazines.  Skip answered the call and donated enough kits ans supplies to open a small hobby shop (no exageration... guys would come in and be blown away by the kits, tools, supplies... we even had a a painting booth with compressors and airbrushes).  It helped me to reach a number of soldiers who otherwise might not have come in (not to mention how it saved my sanity for the year!).  At the end of my tour, I donated everything to the Morale and Welfare Center and heard that the club was ressurected in one form or another untril the base closed in 2011.

I'm sad that I never got to meet him in person to thank him and his modeling community whom I suspect was just as generous in donating those items so many years ago.  If you're still active in the club or see any of Skip's old modeling buddies or family, please share this story and my gratitiude.


Ed Moschella, LTC (RET)

"5500" on the boards

I was totally taken by surprise, and to be honest, quite choked up. Memories of all this came flooding back to me. To say that I got quite nostalgic is a big understatement! 

This really speaks to the character of our friend Skip and also give us a reminder to be better people as much as we can. 

God Bless our men and women in uniform. And thank you, Skip. For showing us all how to be better people. 

Jesse C. 

Detailing supplies

A while back, Don King told us about all the cool detailing materials he found at the Bass Pro fly fishing shop. Bass Pro is an amazing place, but Rancho Cucamonga is way too far to go for a model car foray.  Mary and I were wandering about Solana Beach and we found another fly fishing shop with an excellent selection of fly tying (and model car detailing) materials.

It's San Diego Fly Fishing at 124 Lomas Santa Fe Drive in Solana Beach. They have an extensive selection of colored wire that's going to make plumbing that hot rod a breeze. Plus, there's Peet's Coffees and Teas across the street and the Cedros gallery district down the block. It's close to the beach too. So, you can make an afternoon family trip if you want.

Model Site Links

I am going to start posting links to cool model related sites on here whenever I may come across them. Some are car and some are other, but, all are fun! 

First one is Scale Model News based out of the U.K. and it always full of great info on upcoming releases in all modeling genres


New Revell Kits!

Revell has come out with a bunch of new kits recently and to show them off they've made a little slide show that you can watch here. They also list some of the changes and detail parts that come with each kit. For those of you who just want to know what cars are on the list without watching the video, read on.

  • Slingster Dragster
  • Foose '69 Camaro Z-28
  • '50 Oldsmobile Custom
  • '69 Shelby GT500 Convertible
  • Fireball Roberts '57 Ford
  • D&M Corvette Gasser
  • '37 Ford Coupe Street Rod
  • '67 Corvette Convertible
  • '78 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car
  • Rat Fink w/ Diorama
  • Motorcraft T-Bird Pro Stock
  • Peterbilt 359 Wrecker
  • '53 Chevy Panel
  • Li'l Coffin
  • Dave Deal's Glitter Bug
  • Cop-out
  • Paddy Wagon w/ Figures
  • Kentworth W-900 Conventional (1:16)

New Registrations (Updated)

We're taking new accounts again. Sorry, but I had to do something to stop the pain. Some Chinese entity was creating accounts, leaving advertisements in the comment section, then moving on to a new account. We love legitimate comments, but some of these were just, well, spam. And not the good stuff in the can, either.

I hope you all are enjoying this enough to say something about it. You will need an account if you want to comment on any of our posts. Registration is easy,. Just look in the upper right corner and click "log in". If you've forgotten your password, the site can automagically reset it . Just go to the login link and click, lost password.

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Original post: I've had to disable new accounts until I can find a way to stem the tide of spammers. If you want an account on the site, email me and I'll set one up for you. We'll get a friendlier scheme implemented as soon as we can.


Comments on articles

We've been having problems with comments. If you've tried posting a comment and didn't have it show up, please let me know. We got inundated by spammers. May the fleas of a thousand camels settle in their beards.

I'll be cleaning out pending comments in a few days. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I'm deleting them en masse.


April Meeting Recap

Tax time couldn't keep our builders down for long, or do they have someone else do their taxes? Whatever. Someone must've gotten a refund because there was a trip to Pegasus Hobbies. Thankfully, he was kind enough to share the interesting stuff. We were treated to some nice builds, and some cool kits. A couple of people brought their cars and awards from the Good Guys show. Congratulations to the winners. Those were some especially nice models.


   Our one theme model. Nice woody, Dan.

Now for those kits --


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