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Group Build - Monogram Red Baron and other things!

Notice!! The two extra kits have been spoken for!!


Well, due to an unforseen act of generosity via Jesse Hermosillo, thank you Jesse! We became the proud owners of a batch of Tom Daniels Red Baron kits! After much discussion with Dan "Dom" King, we decided to do a group build with it! 

After announcing it to the attending group that night, some of the kits where handed out and I have two left. The caveat being that if you have one, please use it and not one of the free ones. And if  you do not, well, first come first serve on the remaining two! 

The build is to be completed and brought to our February meeting and you can build it any way you like! But, it must be based off this kit!! 

So, if you have one, use it and if you have extras, think about donating one to those who do not have one! 

Also, we have decided that December will be Pizza Night! Yes, Pizza Night! We will bring drinks, Pizza and some snacks and you are more than welcome to bring some goodies as well! 

And next months theme is Pick Ups! So bring in those manure haulers!! 

Color Me Gone! 

Jesse C. 

















Contest and BBQ

If you haven't heard, the Lower Left Coast NNL is this Saturday!  It's moving to the Carlsbad Senior Center, 799 Pine Street in Carlsbad, 9 AM til 3 PM. This is always a fun, low-key show. Awards are voted by the builders, and audience. You can find more information at the event web site.

Also on tap is the club BBQ. This will be Tuesday the 21st, and behind the Automotive Museum. As you drive in, turn right at the museum and follow the road around the back. There's another parking lot, and that's where we'll be. Bring a chair, side dish, and maybe a table if you have one. The club will be providing burgers and dogs.


The passing of a friend

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I am announcing the passing of my dear friend and fellow club member, Skip Samples. One of the original founders of the club and its first president. He will be sorely missed by not only myself and his fellow club members, but  by many in the Model, Racing and Surfing world. We have lost a valuable asset and ally in our beloved hobby. 

May every wave be perfect, every pass a record run and all your paint jobs smooth.

Vaya Con Dios Mi Amigo

Jesse Chavez 


July Theme Winner

Congratulations to Harry Cotrell for winning My Little Ponycar with his beautiful Ferrari GTO.

Skip's models

Well, the day I was dreading for quite some time has come, Skip's model collection is being liquidated. 

After much consideration, his family came to the gut wrenching conclusion that his collection is to be sold. His collection has to be one of the coolest I have ever seen and now it is time to see it go.

Hi daughter Jennie is taking care of this, with my assistance, and the model are being posted on ebay.

All sales of his kits are going towards his medical costs. 

Jesse C.

Photos from San Diego IPMS Model Expo '12

For those of you who want to see the official photos of the results from last month's competition results and photos of everything entered are finally available on the San Diego IPMS website. Now you can finally see which model won what!

For unofficial photos, see the club Facebook page.

We are invading Facebook!

Well, it is about time we join the modern world and go social! 

Rachel, all powerful minister of propaganda, is has set up a facebook page for the club!! Be sure to visit and friend us!!

Now all we need is for me to join facebook! 

This site will remain and we will continue to post more items on it once we figure out how to post more pics!!

More to come! Stay tuned!!

Slixx Decals to stay in business!


Gene and Becky Sisemore have decided after such a strong showing of support to remain in business with Slixx Decals and promise that more new stuff is on the way!

This is great news to me for the fact that most of what I build they make decals for, Drag Cars!! 

So show your support and buy something today! I did! 

Thanks Gene and Becky for keeping it lit! 

Jesse Chavez


"Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to take a brief moment to thank you all for your support over the last 19 years. Many of you have become a big part of our Slixx Family. We have come to the hard decision to stop production of  Slixx Decals. We will be finishing up a few  grill sheets and 1 /16th scale drag goody sheets that are currently in production, but those will be the last Slixx decals produced. We will be selling off our existing inventory until they are gone. Again, thank you so much for you support over the years. We wish you all the best in the future. 

SIncerely, Gene & Beck Sisemore" 

Citrus Nationals 2012

Back of the flyer with more info 

Citrus Nationals 2012

Great show that is always fun!


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