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2012 San Diego Model Expo & Swap Meet

Mark you calendars for San Diego's yearly Model Expo at Gillespie Field

This years themes are, 100 Years of Marine Corp Aviation and 100 Years of Chevrolet

Will post final flyers with more info once it is done. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SDMCC-IPMS!

Wishing all our model friends out there a safe and happy holiday season! 

Site maintenance and repairs

It looks like I have comments working again. Don't know what happened, but updating to the latest software version seems to have fixed it. Please let me know if it isn't working.


Thanks -- Dave Ambrose


Theme Nights for 2012

Jan - Branded - any kit by Revell, Mono or Aurora – Any model that fall under the Revell Banner, even Revell Germany!
Feb - Fun With a Stoplight - drag racers, quarter mile madness – Any type of Drag vehicel qualifies – Even Exhibition types!
March - Those Darned Kids - street customs – If you can cruise the main drag in it, it qualifies!
Quarter 1 Theme: Tommy Guns Not Included - cars from before 1940, gangsters

April - It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Supercar! – supercars of all types qualify
May - Built for Speed - competition cars – All classes – Must be a race car!
June - Three Letters Long - AMT, MPC, IMP
Quarter 2 Theme: Glitter Rock - metalic, metal flake and pearlecent

July - My Little Pony - mustangs, pintos, ferraris, & pony cars
Aug - BBQ
Sept - Declare at the Border - foreign cars
Quarter 3 Theme: Make the Armor Guys Cry - Military vehicle, Hot Rod look

Oct - Pickups Y'all - pickup trucks
Nov - Anything But a Car – Planes, Trains, Boats, Figures, etc... No cars!
Dec - Not Your Usual Scale - anything but 1/25 or 1/24th
Quarter 4 Theme: We can Rebuild it! Better, Stronger & Faster than Before - Rebuilds, must have proof of previous construction


All builds must be new and finished. No old builds, former winners or almost finished builds. You are more than welcome to bring in old builds that fit the theme but are not eligible for judging.

Round2 purchases AMT, MPC and Polar Lights from TOMY International, Inc. (formerly RC2 Corporation)


SOUTH BEND, Indiana – 11/30/2011 –Round 2, LLC, announced today that they have acquired
all rights to industry leading model kit brands AMT, MPC and Polar Lights from TOMY
International, Inc. (formerly RC2 Corporation).

Round 2 acquired the brands from TOMY International after manufacturing branded model kits under a licensing agreement since 2008. “We’ve had a great relationship with TOMY
International for a long time and it has been a pleasure working with them as a licensee and
now as a buyer,” said Thomas Lowe, President of Round 2 LLC.

“We feel extremely fortunate to be acquiring these brands,” continued Lowe. “These are some
of the industry’s most iconic brands and our acquisition represents a significant strategic fit with
our initiatives and where we believe the industry is headed, in the near and long term. This deal
is a win for Round 2, TOMY and most importantly, the modelers.”

“We are pleased to have been working with Round 2 as a licensee the last 3 years, and now as
the buyer,” said Pete Henseler, president of TOMY International. “We wish them continued
success in the model kit business and expect their expertise and passion for the hobby model
kit business to drive these brands in the years ahead.”

The history of the model kit brands goes back as far as 1948 when AMT, which stands for
Aluminum Model Toys, was founded as a promotional toy company. Model Products
Corporation, MPC, was started in 1963 and focused on bringing even more automotive subject
matter to market in kit form. Founded in 1996, Polar Lights has focused on figural, horror and
pop culture genres.

The acquisition gives Round 2 tooling and materials that date back into the 1950s. The tooling
and artwork also represent an opportunity to bring back classic model kits in original-styled
packaging, increasing the desirability and nostalgia.

“I grew up building models. Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined I’d someday
own the brands I was building as a kid,” said Lowe.

About Round 2
Round 2, LLC is an innovative collectibles company located in South Bend, IN. The creative
team at Round 2 is dedicated to producing detailed, high quality collectible and playable items
appealing to the young and young at heart. Round 2 brands include Polar Lights®, AMT® and
MPC® model kits, Auto World® slot cars, Forever Fun™ seasonal products and the licensed
brands American Muscle®, Ertl Collectibles® and Vintage Fuel™ die cast. 

iHobby Expo Announcements

Here are a couple of links to some of the announcements made at the iHobby Expo show this year. Some new items and some old friends are coming back.

More Fall Contests

We have two more contests in the Southern California region; one local, one not so much

First the local Contest --

The Secret Society of Modelers is hosting Winterfest 2011

When: December 11th, 2011 Where: Veterans Museum and Memorial, 2115 Park Blvd, San Diego. Theme: Desert Sheild/Storm 20th Anniversary

Opens at 9:00 am for public. Cost Contest Entry -$10 for 3 models, $2 each for additional models. Vendors - Tables are $20.  Contact Dan Covey - 619-888-1779 or Web site -


For those who want to do some traveling, there's Desert Classic XV in Lancaster

The Secret Society of Modelers is hosting Winterfest 2011

When:November 5th, 2011, 9 AM to 4:30 PM Where: Antelope Valley College. Theme: Arch Rivals Cost: $10 for up to 3 models, $15 for up to 5, and $2 per model after that.

This is an IPMS contest. The automotive categories are:

  • Auto-Factory & Replica Stock
  • Auto-Street Machine & Hot Rods
  • Auto Cruisers, Customs, Low Riders
  • Auto-Competition Open & Closed Wheel
  • Motorcycles, Auto-Miscellaneous

There are plenty of other categories if you find yourself bored with cars. Further information may be found in the Desert Classic XV flyer.

If you want to carpool up to Lancaster, leave a comment.

We have arrived

It seems like it was not that long ago that I first joined this and also it seems like yesterday that the idea of starting up a website for the club was kicked around, well, the kicking is over and we finally have this site! 

First and foremost, a big thank you goes out to Dave and Rachel Ambrose for their kind generosity with their time and skill to set up this site for us. Like John Kennedy proclaiming to put a man on the moon in that decade, we have done the same, but just missed the mark by a few years, of getting a site going! 

This site will be replacing our monthly newsletter and will provide everyone the  opportunity to contribute to it and help us and the site grow even more in the modeling community. This is your site and your participation is what will make it grow. So please, if you have any articles that are model car related, let us know and we can post it here. 

With this site we can send out notices on events, model news and meeting updates in a more timely manner. 

But I would also like to thank our newsletter editors though the years who took their time and energy to get the news out. From the days of having to print up newsletters and mailing them out, to the days of emailing them to you. Dan King, Darryl Gassaway, Drew Hierwarter and Skip Samples, thank  you and anyone I may have forgotten to mention. 

I hope you like our new website and I hope, that like me, you look forward to seeing grow into something really cool. 

Thank you, 

Jesse Chavez 

President, San Diego Model Car Club IPMS




A Cartoon for Modelers

Retail Minions is running a cartoon of particular interest to us guys who use nail polish -- for model cars.

Fall Contests

This fall, we have two contests in Orange County: OrangeCon, and Those Gundam Guys.

Orange County Contest, OrangeCon 2011

Saturday, 8 October 2011, at California State University at Fullerton. This is an IPMS contest. Model registration is 9 AM to 11:30 AM. The contest has many categories. Most germain to our club will be the automotive categories --

  • Factory Stock & Replica Stock, Domestic & Foreign (All Types, 1/19-1/31)
  • Street Machines, Low-Riders, Customs & Hot Rods (All Types, 1/19-1/31)
  • Competition Vehicles, Straight Line (All Types, 1/19-1/31)
  • Competition Vehicles, Oval Track & Road Race (All Types, 1/19-1/31)
  • Miscellaneous Vehicles (All Types & Scales)

There are other areas of interest, like robots, so you Gundam builders may wish to attend.  Detailed contest info may be found at OCIPMS

Those Gundam Guys Contest Since we do have Gundam builders, Those Gundam Guys are having a contest in November Saturday November 12, 2011  9:00AM – 4:00PM

Location: Crown Room, Holiday Inn Fullerton 2932 East Nutwood Avenue Fullerton, CA 92831

General Admission: $5.00 - Admission includes 1 model entry. Additional model entries will be $1.00 per model  Model registration: 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM.  Judging: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM Awards Presentation: 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM  



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