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Monthly Themes

Themes for 2019

  • January - General Motors…..Any car or truck made under the General Motors banner.  Chevy, Olds, Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick, GMC….any model or year
  • February - Real Racetracks Have Curves…Any racecar or truck that turns left or right.
  • March - Out of this World…Space named cars ………Nova, Comet, Galaxie, Starliner, Satellite, Mercury, Saturn, etc
  • April -  Cartoon Physics….Zingers, show cars
  • May - Fix or Repair Daily;…any Ford product from any year; Ford, Mercury, Pantera, Shelby, Lincoln
  • June. - Playing in the Dirt…..Rally, Dirt, or Off road vehicles, your choice
  • July - Annual BBQ…..Moved from August to provide more daylight hours
  • August - In the Age Before Minivans…Woody’s, Wagons, Panels, Station Wagons
  • September. - You Need a Part Transplant…MOPAR ….any model, make, or year produced under the Chrysler / Mopar banner
  • October - Anything but a Car…..Our annual off beat theme…..Boat, Ship, Military, Plane, SciFi
  • November - Weathering Away (Your Mistakes)…Weathered or old paint vehicles.  We're planning a demonstration on weathering prior to this theme
  • December. Oh Christmas Tree…Competition, straight line.   Drag racing, Bonneville


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