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New Registrations (Updated)

We're taking new accounts again. Sorry, but I had to do something to stop the pain. Some Chinese entity was creating accounts, leaving advertisements in the comment section, then moving on to a new account. We love legitimate comments, but some of these were just, well, spam. And not the good stuff in the can, either.

I hope you all are enjoying this enough to say something about it. You will need an account if you want to comment on any of our posts. Registration is easy,. Just look in the upper right corner and click "log in". If you've forgotten your password, the site can automagically reset it . Just go to the login link and click, lost password.

If you're reading this and want to leave us untoward comments, please go elsewhere. We'll report you to a clearing house, and you'll become a persona non grata everywhere else on the Internet too.

Original post: I've had to disable new accounts until I can find a way to stem the tide of spammers. If you want an account on the site, email me and I'll set one up for you. We'll get a friendlier scheme implemented as soon as we can.


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